We select the best green coffee beans from plantations all over the world, which are chemical free. Our beans are harvested at the right moment and must undergo visual, olfactory and taste analyisis. Quality is our focal point: that’s why our blends are made only with the best beans.

Our beans get roasted with an old Petroncini machine of the early 50s, which has a termhal stabilizer to keep the temperature to the same level. After the roasting phase the beans are left to rest in a controlled environment to develop aroma and creaminess.

The beans are packaged really fast to avoid aroma and scent alterations. Our packaging has been designed to keep the product ventilated and prevent it from coming into contact with fermented gases. By doing so our coffee will preserve its aroma for a long time.


Our History

Towards the end of the 40’s In a post-war period that looked full of opportunities, far-sighted entrepreneurs – loving their passions – gave birth to companies that would have represented the Italian excellence around the whole world.
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How we Manufacture?

Our coffee is the result of decades of taste research that has to satisfy before, during and after tasting, in a balance of body and pleasantness that leaves a palatable as well as fulfilling flavour.
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Our Blends


Gold Sense

Full-bodied flavour with a velvety sensation on the palate, free from residual acidity


Black Taste

Strong and harmonious taste, free from acidity, with a full, powerful flavour


Smooth Feeling

Sweet, pleasantly mild flavour with a delicate, fruity aroma. In a word: sophisticated



Our top product: extracted from our Gold blend, persistent aroma and full-bodied flavour

Our Product Line

FAP capsules

FAP capsules


Compatible capsules


Ground coffee


Coffee beans

coffee- machines

Coffee machines



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