The perfect blend

Our coffee is fruit of the decades of research we perform to find the perfect flavour. A balanced one, proving satisfying before, during and after tasting, with a pleasant consistency and an appeasing, enjoyable after-taste. Processed by hand and in limited quantities, Ottobono is made exclusively for true coffee connoisseurs.

The Ottobono blends are still produced today with great faith in and loyalty towards the production standards set in place 70 years ago by Alfredo Bonomi, which envisage a few very strict rules for selecting the coffees used in the company’s products. Simple gestures, carried out by expert hands, and that’s why so essential.

Indeed, it’s the unique production method distinguises our product. From the visual analysis, in terms of size and overall appearance, to the raw beans olfactory test and, finally, the taste test with a mini-roasting machine. Only if the outcome is really good, is ready to become a product of our line of excellence, Ottobono.


La storia

Produciamo caffè da oltre 70 anni: da quando Alfredo Bonomi,  grande conoscitore di tutti i segreti del caffè, decise di fondare a Vigevano la torrefazione di cui Ottobono è la linea di eccellenza.

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La lavorazione

Si inizia con la selezione dei caffè Gourmet, solo naturali, poi c’è la tostatura a parte per ogni provenienza. E, infine, l’ossigenazione: il caffè Ottobono è come il vino di altissima qualità, deve maturare.

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Our products



Intense, full-bodied flavour with a velvety sensation on the palate, free from residual acidity.




Strong but harmonious, free from acidity with a full, powerful flavour




A rounded, mild flavour with a delicate, fruity aroma. Naturally sophisticated



The Gold persistent aroma and full-bodied flavour also remain in the decaf version