A Family Story

Our passion for coffee was born in the late 1940s, in Vigevano

After the Second World War, traditional manufacturing began to flourish again; at the time our family produced high quality footwear and unlike many companies that, in order to guarantee a quick recovery, sacrificed quality to increase quantity, our progenitor Alfredo Bonomi made a different choice by putting passion and rigor in the first place and the constant search for qualitative superiority.

For this reason he decided to abandon the other production activities to focus only on coffee processing. Thus he began to search for a raw material of excellence and to experiment with passion and determination until he found the most balanced blends and the most satisfying roasting methods, implementing production methods that our company still respects today.

Since then, the scent of coffee has always accompanied our family

Ottobono was born from this culture of excellence. But its quality is undoubtedly the result of the competence and love of all those who work with us and the very careful craftsmanship that is given to the product at all stages of its processing. From the selection of the raw material, to the verification of the conditions after the journey from the countries of origin up to the very delicate phase of roasting, followed by the refining period and the final packaging.