Strong and at the same time harmonious taste, sensation of fullness and vigor without residual acidity.

Blend designed for lovers ofstrong coffee with an intense, masculine and vigorous taste.

The thick and persistent cream is accompanied by a strong and powerful scent that is perceived immediately upon tasting; the spreading aroma is full of precious sensations such as worked leather, wine aged in barrique, bitter chocolate.

The Black blend uses the best of the best plantations from around the world, formulated for intense coffee lovers. It is a masculine coffee reminiscent of bitter, fine, highly concentrated chocolates. A strong and at the same time harmonious taste, which when tasted does not leave a sense of acidity but of fullness and vigor.

Origin: Java, Africa, Brazil.

Acidity: ● ○ ○ ○

Aroma: ● ● ● ●

ottobono black miscele grande