Ottobono's Panther

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Coffee is emotion

It is its fragrance that reveals its secret and complex soul.
It is the different expressions of her ‘strength’ and graceful sensuality that can activate ‘experiences’ and ’emotions’ in us.
It is no coincidence that the ‘panther’ is the symbol of our coffee.
In fact, it evokes the places of origin, the wild nature that suggests unique and very different sensory experiences. And all the mystery of coffee.
The panther expresses a powerful and mysterious physicality. More secret, very different from that of other felines. It has an immediate capacity to respond not only physically, but psychic, mental and connected to other dimensions. Its exceptional sensitivity, according to the ancients, allows it to capture what the human being asks to be supported in moments of transition and passage.
Or awakened, transmuted – Or reactivated, regenerated, empowered.

When we say that coffee is emotion we are also referring to the ‘complicity’ that with this extraordinary drink we are able to establish with ourselves and with others.
But also to the very personal sensual pleasure, to that sense of delicate or vigorous recharge, which restores balance and well-being.

The richness of aromatic impressions of a quality coffee that are revealed upon tasting, make each cup a unique pleasure, a continuous discovery. To be renewed every day. It starts with the aroma that spreads in the air perceived through the receptors of the nose and then through contact with the palate and the taste buds to continue in the throat where the taste persists for several minutes.

Each roasted bean contains a world full of nuances to be discovered

Coffee can recognize up to 800 different aromas: leather, caramel, toasted bread, almond, black currant, chocolate, wine in barrique, coriander seeds, cloves, walnut, butter, vanilla, citrus fruits, dried plum, date, figs , apricot, jasmine, flowering fields.

Let yourself be surprised every day by a different experience.
Describing the quality of a product with a soul as rich as coffee is like wanting to tell the story of a human being.
To understand what it is today, it is necessary to know its origins, the places where it lived, the paths and experiences that transformed and influenced it. The values ​​that inspired him and the basic choices that make him, today, an absolutely unique person.
Each person is unique and it is the uniqueness of our coffee that we want to tell.