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Coffee can, two coffee cups and a pack of 8 compatible Nespresso capsules.

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The box contains a 250gr coffee can. Gold or Black blend, a pack of 8 capsules compatible Nespresso Black and Gold blend and two coffee cups.

Gold Blend: A rich and intense flavor that leaves a velvety feeling on the palate, without residual sourness. At first you will appreciate its persistent and compact cream, then savor all the different qualities of the flavor. Together they create a concert of melodies, generating an intense and rich flavor able to evoke authentical emotions well known by real experts. This pleasant and gratifying feeling lasts for long in your mouth, leaving a delicate but recognizable track.

Black Blend: Our Black blend is made out of the best plantations from all over the world and studied for enthusiasts of intense coffee. The dense and persistent cream is accompanied by a powerful bouquet, perceived as soon as you taste it. The aroma is loaded with valuable sensations such as worked leather or barrique barrel-aged wine. A male coffee reminiscent of highly bitter chocolate. A strong but harmonious flavor that leaves a feeling of fullness without sourness.

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