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Each bean has a story to tell, Ottobono coffee tells the passion of three generations, the scent of the best plantations and the roasting done with care and art to offer you a high quality coffee.

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Ottobono blends:

Ottobono Gold Blend:

Harmonious blend that combines a full-bodied taste with a velvety sensation on the palate while maintaining its softness, this blend is free of residual acidity. Its persistent and compact cream is perceived from the first taste.

Ottobono Black Blend:

Designed for intense coffee lovers. The thick and persistent cream is accompanied by a strong and powerful scent that is perceived immediately upon tasting.

Ottobono Smooth Blend:

Sweet and graceful taste. The soft and persistent cream and the gentle and fruity aroma satisfy the palates in search of a round and delicate flavor for moments of relaxation.

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